UFOMAMMUT -“HIDDEN” – Regular edition


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“Hidden” is the 10th album of Ufomammut and it’ll be out on the 17th of May via Supernatural Cat and Neurot Recordings.
180 gr. marbled purple and black vinyl in a black paper envelope and gatefold cover.
This is the European version.
US customers, please check Neurot Recordings store.



n 2024, as they celebrate their quarter-century milestone, the band is set to release their latest album, HIDDEN.

This album marks a shift in the band’s musical composition, aiming for a more intense and heavy sound, and it’s the third release featuring Levre as the band’s new drummer.

The title, HIDDEN, reflects the concept of the presence of everything in our existence and the ability to bring to light what lies within us.

With HIDDEN, Ufomammut delves into a sonic journey that traverses vast expanses of space and time.

From the crushing heaviness to the hauntingly melodies, from the textured compositions to the otherworldly atmospheres,  HIDDEN testify the neverending evolution of Ufomammut and their mastery of creating immersive sonic experiences: a fitting celebration of their 25 years of sonic exploration and experimentation.

The album was recorded at Flat Scenario Studio in Piemonte, Italy, with Lorenzo Stecconi handling the mixing and mastering, and Luca Grossi overseeing vocal tracking. 

The album will be released through Neurot Recordings in collaboration with Supernatural Cat, the record label of the rock ‘n’ roll graphic design collective Malleus, of which Poia and Urlo are part of.

HIDDEN will be out in a limited edition vinyl version of 500 copies only (crafted entirely by hand using Photochromic colors that are activated by sunlight, bringing the concept of the album to life), in a regular Gatefold cover LP edition, on digipack cd and in a digital version


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