THE MON is the name of  the solo project by Urlo, best known as the lead vocalist, bassist, and synth player in the heavy  psych italian band Ufomammut and one of the three minds behind Malleus Rock Art Lab.
Where Ufomammut creates mind-expanding, heavy psychedelic, almost other-dimensional sounds, THE MON by comparison is far more intimate, looking inward, as Urlo explores and examines his inner most thoughts through music.
THE MON builds layers of brooding sounds which sometimes unfurl at a glacial pace and other times lurch with rhythmic propulsion, each piece distinct, densely packed, and all-consuming in their evocative atmospheres.
The aim of THE MON is to reach the boundaries of a spiritual soundscape in which the music becomes purification and atonement, a way to bring out the world that is inside human soul.
THE MON  is a journey through the mind and a personal discovery of the relation between evil and good.
That starts from the name THE MON (to be kept together) – like ‘Demon,’ but also like ‘the Monk” or, in Japanese language ” gate”(often used in referring to the many gates used by Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and traditional-style buildings and castles) — to reach landscapes of sound that enable the listener to enter into different levels of consciousness in a cathartic way.


Doppelleben – LP/CD – 2018

The Manure Of Our Remains/Blut Acustic – Digital (2020)