OvO has always been one of the most active bands in the worldwide noisy rock scene. They have been known pretty much everywhere through their 700 and more gigs, their large amount of releases, including albums, singles, collaborations, tracks on compilations, dvds, and for their original, unique music.
They’re a duo, formed by a little possessed singer and guitar player (Stefania Pedretti) and an enormous drummer who plays a mini-set like it was a full metal drum set. Their masked live performances are legendary, and they’ve played them all over the world, from Mexico to Turkey, from Russia to the US.
What they do is not easy to file. It’s not noise, not metal, not doom, not punk, not rock and roll, even if there’s a little bit of all these. Certainly it’s not free nor avant nor improve. For once, we can really say that it’s a band you can’t file. After some full lengths on their label Bar La Muerte, they release albums on American labels such as legendary Load records and Blossoming Noise.
Since “Cor Cordium” they find home on Supernatural Cat, and so will be for the new album “ABISSO”. They collaborated or played with the biggest names of contemporary experimental rock music, and they worked for cinema projects (Murnau’s Nosferatu) and theatre (“Aeneis V” by Lenz).

Even if OvO is a difficult band to file, we can still see an evolution from “Assassine”’s total improv to “Cor Cordium”’s radical noise rock. “ABISSO” open a new artistic era for this duo, formed by Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella. There’s a new richness in their sound, brought by the use of samples, drum machines, pads, field recordings and synths. “Cor Cordium” and the previous album “CroceVia” were a point of no return for their minimal rock challenge, engaged in making as much sound as possible with their very few elements: Bruno’s half drum set, Stefania’s guitar and her incredible voise. The new challenge is to go beyond it, using contemporary music tools to keep on being creative and evolve. For this step OvO had the priceless help of Giulio “Ragno” Favero at the mixing desk, Giovanni Versari’s mastering, and the friendly collaboration of Alan Dubin (ex OLD, Khanate, now in Gnaw) and Carla Bozulich with her full band Evangelista. After 13 years, OvO keep on experimenting, developing, pushing themselves into borderline territories, in a continuous purchase of the Extreme.



Cor Cordium  LP/CD – (Supernatural Cat) (2010)
Abisso – LP/CD – (Supernatural Cat) (2010)

First Ten Years – DVD