Lento is an instrumental musical venture commenced in Rome, Italy, in fall 2004 whose main purpose is to give shape to an introspective approach with relentless efforts.
It took 3 years to develop as an artistic issue and to give birth to Earthen, released in 2007 on behalf of Supernatural Cat.
Seven incredible songs create a massive atmosphere mixing ambient with hardcore, postrock with psychedelia, all under unbelievable concrete riffs.
Incorporating elements of ambient, doom and hardcore, Lento has created a perfect opposition between sludge heavy riffs and ambient psychedelic suites.
Lento’s tone is a blend of heavily down tuned guitars, apocalyptic slow tempos, systematic drones and resonant feedbacks, their live sets alternate from hardcore assaults to intimate collapses of the signals.


Supernaturals: Record One – w/ Ufomammut – CD  (2007)
Earthen – LP/CD – (2007)