• UFOMAMMUT - OPUS PRIMUM - Digital Version

"Serving as the first installment in UFOmammut's two-part Oro project, Opus Primum is unashamedly grand in both its scope and sheer ambition. Containing the first five of the project's ten movements, the one thing that becomes apparent upon first listen is the band's immense grasp on dynamics. Opening with an extremely minimal and foreboding synth loop, this tranquil idea is repeated sparsely while a wall of noise gradually builds around it, eventually erupting into a devastatingly doom-ridden crescendo. This may be a well-worn musical technique in 2012, but UFOmammut seem to be well aware of that, using the idea very sparingly throughout and only to advantage of the given piece. Regardless of pace, the music constantly moves forward with a sense of lumbering intensity, be it during a crushing blast of sludge metal or an extremely minimal passage consisting only of whirring electronics. 


  • Brand: UFOMAMMUT
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  • 9.00€

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