About Us

Supernatural Cat was born at the end of the year 2005 by an idea of Malleus Rock Art Lab. 
After working for several years on handmade silkscreens for gigs and events, Malleus decided to put the same efforts, quality and attitude in the "record industry". 
Supernatural Cat is a sonic project developed together with some great bands to create a totally independent "house" for growing new sounds. 
Supernatural Cat is interested mainly in finding out new and original bands, very inspired music, considering the record like an handicraft piece, a way totally opposed to the serial logic of today. 
The intention is to find music that is not closed in any genre, music has to be filled with the breath of originality, something special, something unique. 
Every release comes out in limited edition runs, with handmade numbered silkscreened covers and deluxe packages, including different media supports like vinyl, compact disc and dvd. 
At the same time, a standard edition on cd is also released. 
Supernatural Cat has been proud to become the sonic home for great and cool bands such as Ufomammut, Morkobot, OvO, Incoming Cerebral Overdive, Zolle and FarwestZombee.