MoRkObOt – MoStRo

Album: MoStRo
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 25th of November 2006
CD / 10"

Written by MoRkObOt
Performed by MoRkObOt

Produced by Fabio Magistrali

Malleus − album layout


Since the dawn of the First galaxies the voice of Morkobot resounded solemn over the saturated atmospheres of the planets in evolution.
Dominator of the magnetic strengths and ancestral regulator of the conscience flows, Morkobot has returned to the Earth through his three messengers Lin, Lan, Len brutally subdued to his will.
Morkobot is a totally suggestive instrumental space-psychpostrock sonic monster.
A magmatic and liquid atmosphere lead the listener to a psychedelic and caotic world in which vibrations become dense like glue, light and darkness are continuosly turning in a nonstop changing lysergic noise: moments of raw power suddenly replace those with softer, deliberate arrangements, and viceversa.
Mostro, the second work of Morkobot, is a sensorial experience in which different musical genres become so extreme you cannot find a definition able to describe the music.
From John Zorn to Black Sabbath, from Pink Floyd to Primus, from Godflesh to Hawkwind… past and present seem to messed up in the magic pot of sound called Morkobot.