MoRkObOt – GoRgO

Album: GoRgO
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: August 2016

Written by MoRkObOt
Performed by MoRkObOt

Recorded at Lignum Studio, Padova, Italy 
Engineered by Giulio Ragno Favero

Malleus − album layout


GoRgO, MoRkObOt's fifth full-length, was recorded from November 2015 to January 2016 by Giulio Ragno Favero (Zu, Teatro Degli Orrori, OvO, One Dimensional Man) at Lignum Studio in Padova, Italy. It ushers in a new era in writing for the band; one that revolves around constructing more ambitious structures driven by simpler forms and tighter structures.GoRgO took only three days to record, and was cut live in a minimal amount of takes, testament to the trio's impressive musical coherence and unity, and the mixing process took another eight days, with no further editing being required.