• What is Supernatural Cat?

    We are a very small group of people, music and art addicted, in search of good bands/friends, trying to spread good vibes around the world.
    Currently there are three people working at Supernatural Cat. We’re the same guys of the Malleus Rock Art Lab.
    We’ve a few very good friends helping us sometimes and that’s enough.
    Anyway, we just try to do what we like to do, trying to create some good records and art.

  • Is Supernatural Cat an “independent” label?

    We guess so, very very independent.
    We try to do it ourselves as much as possible, even if, obviously, we can’t print records in our studio and we need a good distribution for our music… but we are surely very independent.

  • How do I sign to Supernatural Cat?

    Please, consider we don’t accept physical demos. Please email us links to your recordings posted on your Bandcamp, YouTube, or send us Your music via wetransfer or similar, but please, don’t include your mp3 or big presskits in emails.
    You can email links to info@supernaturalcat.com.
    We try to answer to everybody and we will contact you if we are interested in your music.
    Please don’t email to follow up; if we like what You do, we will keep in touch.
    In the meantime, keep playing live, tour as much as you can, build a solid fan base and get your name out there!
    It’ll keep time, but it’ll be worth a lot!

  • Is Supernatural Cat hiring?

    No. We’ve not big enough.

  • Is there a way to contact the bands in your roster?

    Sure. Go on their official websites, facebook or whatever and You’ll find links and infos.

  • May I use your music in my videos/works?

    Please, always contact us and we’ll manage how to do.

Webstore/orders questions

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Our webstore offers a courier shipping option for your orders in Europe and normal postage for the rest of the World.
    If you would like to track your order, please contact us at candies@malleusdelic.com .
    Please note that companies like USPS does not offer real time tracking on any package.
    Most orders are shipped within a week of being received, but some orders can take a significant amount of time to reach their destination.
    Please keep in mind that Holidays, weekends, bad weather, bad postmen and customs inspection can have effects on delivery times.
    Also note that if you order a popular/anticipated release, it may take us a little more time to prepare packages through the large amount of orders we receive. Thanks for Your patience!
    Please, keep in touch with us before opening a claim or such: we’re very nice people and we always try to solve problems smoothly.
    Please note that Supernatural Cat is not responsible for items damaged in transit.
    But, if your order looks like it was thrown under the caterpillars of a tank, please let us know. We’ll try and help you out.

  • Refunds & Exchanges

    If something is not right, let us know.
    Supernatural Cat accepts returns/exchanges of any defective merchandise within 30 days of date of purchase.

  • I have questions regarding my order, who do I contact?

    Please, drop a line to candies@malleusdelic.com with any inquiries and we will contact you as soon as possible.
    Please include your name, order number, mailing address, and email address associated with your order in your inquiry.

  • How does a Pre-order work?

    Pre-ordering is the option to purchase an item before it arrives from manufacturing.
    Many pre-orders receive other incentives (exclusive tees or patches, handicraft packaging, etc) that is exclusive to the Pre-ordering option.
    Also the price can be lower than the one the item will have once in stock.
    The shipping of pre-orders will start once the items will arrive at Supernatural Cat.

  • I ordered a silkscreened poster along with other items, but only one package arrived. Why?

           Posters are shipped separately in heavy duty shipping tubes and are not folded in any way.

  • Apparel Dimensions & Brands

            We use different companies for our apparel.
            We are in Europe, so our sizes could be a little different than the american ones.
If You need an idea of the brand/size before placing an order, please, drop us an email at candies@malleusdelic.com.
We mostly handprint our apparel merchandise here at Malleus headquarters.