Farwest Zombee is a project born from Urlo, bass player and vocals in Ufomammut, featuring Poia (Ufomammut guitarist), Lorenzer (lento guitarist) and Fede (drummer of lento).
The idea of Farwest Zombee has evolved since 2008 and it has reached its final shape after years.
Distorted soundscapes, slow and subtle drones, repetitive circles, eerie and fearful lines make the listener totally involved in a evil and loud atmosphere. The project is developing in a audio-video shape, the music is generator of slow images absorbing the music itself to reflect it in suggestions making the listener sink in a sort of hypnosis.

An abstract project starting from the deep sonorities to cover a complete range of dreaming nightmares.
Farwest Zombee also guests Stefano of I.C.O. and Rose Kemp.