“My Rotten Heart” is a 2 songs 12″ vinyl EP in which the same song has been performed entirely by The Mon and by CHVE in 2 different versions.
This is the 100 copies limited edition in red splatter vinyl


“My Rotten Heart” is a 2 songs 12″ vinyl EP in which the same song has been performed entirely by The Mon and by CHVE in 2 different versions.
This is the 100 copies limited edition in black vinyl

Ufomammut - XX Boxset

The anniversary boxset includes 9  albums (all 8 studio album plus XX, featuring acoustic versions of 6 classic songs), a 64-page book with original covers, photos and lyrics to all songs as well as a poster, backpatch and sticker

The Mon - Doppelleben

The Mon is the solo project of Urlo, bass, synths and vocals in the heavy psych band Ufomammut. Doppelleben comes with a 180gr vinyl and a 24 pages de-luxe  booklet.

Godlike Snake is the first album of the italian heavy psych band Ufomammut.
Originally out in 2000, the album has been remixed by Urlo starting from the original tapes.
It comes in a de-luxe gatefold cover and black vinyl

Ufomammut 8 limited edition

8 is the 8th album of Ufomammut, comprised of 8 tracks that flow into each other without interruption, unfolding into an exceedingly dense and malevolent journey, resulting in this being Ufomammut’s most extreme venture yet, with no permittance for breathing space in the 48 minutes.

Ufomammut - Warsheep

This is a 7″ single of “Warsheep”, taken from the album “8”.
Released in only 500 copies with hand printed silkscreened covers.
B side is a demo version of “Warsheep”.

morkobot gorgo

GoRgO, MoRkObOt’s fifth full-length, opens a new era in writing for the band; one that revolves around constructing more ambitious structures driven by simpler forms and tighter structures.

“Ecate” is the seventh album from Italian power trio, Ufomammut dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess of the three worlds.
The album is composed of six separate tracks, each one is a representation of one of her many manifestations.

To celebrate their 15 years as a band, Ufomammut gave birth to a DVD collecting a live set (with songs from Godlike Snake to ORO) and a documentary about the band.
Ufomammut - XV - USB

Ufomammut - XV - Usb

A very limited USB wooden key to celebrate the 15 years of Ufomammut as a band. It contains a live set (with songs from Godlike Snake to ORO) and a documentary about the band.

OvO - Abisso

“ABISSO” open a new artistic era for this duo, formed by Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella.
There’s a new richness in their sound, brought by the use of samples, drum machines, pads, field recordings and synths.

Zolle - Zolle

Enter Zolle, self-proclaimed rednecks, on the loose and ready to run amok with the release of their self-titled debut album, an ode to yokel ways of living.
They might not take themselves so seriously but don’t be fooled, their music is a ferocious, rampant record of thunderous riffs and robust drum blasts.
Zolle are – Marcello (Lan of Morkobot) playing meaty riffs and Stefano who beefs things up on drums and xylophone.

Ufomammut - ORO - Opus Alter
Ufomammut present Opus Alter as the dark twin of Opus Primum and close the album ORO, their sixth one.
A sense of controlled chaos is vented through thick layers of guitars, shattering drums and distant screams. ‘Ouroboros’ links both albums to each other creating a single piece of music
I.C.O. - Le stelle

“Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift” is the last album of Incoming Cerebral Overdrive and it is a journey that intersects and expands in a huge, deep and at times, claustrophobic monolith. 
The participation of Urlo and Poia of Ufomammut, both during the composition and the recording sessions opens the project to a new light.

Ufomammut - ORO - Opus Primum

Serving as the first installment in UFOmammut’s two-part ORO project, Opus Primum is unashamedly grand in both its scope and sheer ambition. Containing the first five of the project’s ten movements, the one thing that becomes apparent upon first listen is the band’s immense grasp on dynamics. 

Morkobot - Morbo

After the previous one track album Morto, Morbo (latin for disease) consists of seven cacophonous songs in which the psychedelic attitude of the first Trilogy (Morkobot – Mostro – Morto albums) is dried to expose the bones and nerves of a more intricate, but at the same time more straightforward and focused music, skilfully assembled by the two bass guitars and drum-kit.

OvO - First Ten Years - DVD

OvO - 10 years of OvO

Live at Locomotiv Club, Bologna, Italy, November 21st, 2010 – Crocevia Tour to celebrate ten years as a band

OvO - Cor Cordium

OvO’s Cor Cordium  is the epitaph to the memory of idolized English Romantic poet and adventurer Percy Shelley, whose final resting place is in Roma, Italy.
The diverse, avant/conceptual ten-track opus is the sixth album from OvO.

Ufomammut - EVE - Cassette

Ufomammut - Eve - Cassette

A very limited cassette version of Ufomammut’s EVE.
Coming back to the roots of sound with this old school item.

Few records offer the kind of sonic transportation you get from Eve, the fifth album of Ufomammut.
The band explore new soundscapes with this work, an album with the power to grant Ufomammut recognition they’ve long deserved, and a forward-looking statement that although many in the myriad subgenres of doom are content to rehash what’s already been done, there are still fresh avenues to pursue.

I.C.O. means Incoming Cerebral Overdrive.
Controverso represents an impulse of uncontrollable nature.
Constructed of eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, breathing with the innovative soul of Avant-garde music.

Ufomammut - Snailking

With “Snailking”, their second full length release, Ufomammut was worldwide recognized as the creator of a unique brand of psychedelic sludge. With long songs, droning vocals and massive effects Ufomammut is right there along side of Neurosis, combining their monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.

Morto is the third chapter of Morkobot’s first trilogy. After the self title album and Mostro, the trio (Lin, Lan, Len) has realized a single long track, creating, with two basses and drums, an incredible maze of sound.
Morkobot leads the listener into the ocean of “death concept” and its value as “reborn”.

Ufomammut - Idolum

“IDOLUM” is the fourth album of Ufomammut, a new chapter in the sonic adventure of the band, presenting a sensible evolution in the sound and in the structure of the songs: dark atmospheres, simple and mastodontic song frameworks, a different idea of psichedelic rock.

Seven incredible songs create a massive atmosphere mixing ambient with hardcore, postrock with psychedelia, all under unbelievable concrete riffs.
lento create a personal sound we could define as “Heavy Ambient”.

Supernaturals - Ufomammut & lento

This is a session between Poia and Urlo of Ufomammut and lento: four guitars, a bass, a drum kit, a mic and a synth, recorded live at Locomotore Studio in Rome in2007.

Morkobot - Mostro

Mostro, the second work of Morkobot, is a sensorial experience in which different musical genres become so extreme you cannot find a definition able to describe the music.
From John Zorn to Black Sabbath, from Pink Floyd to Primus, from Godflesh to Hawkwind… past and present seem to messed up in the magic pot of sound called Morkobot.

Ufomammut - Lucifer Songs

Lucifer Songs, the third album of Ufomammut, is a record which opens in some ways unexpected paths.
It is the result of a mature and well knit band willing to experiment while maintaining its dna.
Lucifer Songs is a powerful wall of sound while at the same time untrinsically dreaming.