Album: XV
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2014

Written by Ufomammut
Performed by Ufomammut
Poia - Guitar & Fxs
Urlo - Bass, Vocals, Fxs
Vita - Drums

Performed and recorded live at SOMS "Il Progresso" Sarezzano, Italy - February 2014
Mixed and Mastered at Triple Sun in Roma, Italy in 2014
Soundlord: Lorenzo Stecconi

Malleus − album layout


In 2013, Ufomammut have been worked on a video project that has  been released on DVD: XV.
Since the beginning, the visual element of the band is of equal importance to their music.
The DVD features “Magickal Mastery Live”, a 12 song live act and “XV”, a documentary about the band throughout interviews and outtakes.
On the subject of reaching this milestone the band commented…”ORO was a particularly ambitious album for us, and the Magickal Mastery Tour was a great chance to revisit all of our favourite songs in front of really great crowds. When we took some time to reflect on what we had accomplished we knew that the best ways to celebrate our first 15 years, was a DVD release, something for our fans to contribute towards and to treasure”.