Album: Controverso
Label: Supernatural Cat
Release date: 2009
CD / 10" / DIGITAL

Written by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive
Performed by Incoming Cerebral Overdrive

Recorded and Mixed by at Westlink Studio (Pisa) by Ale Paolucci, Ovi Sportelli and I.C.O. 
Mastered At Vanara Studio (Turin) by Alessandro Vanara

Malleus − album layout


I.C.O. is a 5 pieces band.
I.C.O. comes from Italy.
I.C.O. means Incoming Cerebral Overdrive.
Controverso represents an impulse of uncontrollable nature.
Constructed of eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, breathing with the innovative soul of Avant-garde music.
Originating from the Mastodonic approach to the riff, wholly rooted in a hardcore attitude, and overall developing in something rather unique and multiform, their furious dynamics, searing vocals, 70s Italian Prog reminiscence, and psychedelic aesthetic show ICO’s will to experiment on continuously mutating song structures comes totally out in Controverso.